Little explorer 😆

Little explorer 😆

Yes, this hat is a Tay’s Mama made knits. Two days before I headed out for my trip I was looking at the weather & said “fuck it’s COLD where I’m going … mama can you knit me hat?!?!” 🤣 I have at least ten of her hats back in SoCal but didn’t think to bring one. Being the badass knitter she is she whipped this up in a just a few hours. All the time me pressuring her to go faster “Hurry mama, if I end up with my ears freezing off we will know who to blame”. Her response “Yes, yours since you didn’t bring one of the many hats I’ve already made you & we just couldn’t buy you hat”, still she knitted faster lol. AND look how CUTE it turned out!! My mama is so damn talented !!! Now for my daddy who is reading this post & thinking “what about me?!?!” Well daddy you don’t know how to knit but every time I post a picture of my thermal hiking boots you can think to yourself “Fuck yes, I got her those!! My idea. Mine! Her feet would have frozen off without me. Who’s the man??? I’m the man.” There you go daddy 🤣😘 But in all seriousness I want to give a big shoutout to my parents. Even though I’m close to 30, I know how nerve wracking my solo trips are for there. They will be sleeping a lot better once I’m home ((I’m sure all my family & several of my friends feel the same lol)). I do my best to take all necessary precautions when traveling while still having a great time. But I 100% understand their concerns. Parent & child relationships can be at times more difficult when everyone has reached adulthood. Have to remember even when we’re in our 80s & our parents are in their 100s, they will still see us as that baby they brought into the world. They will see those first steps. That first day of school. The day you got your drivers license. When you went to college or started your first job. They will see it all in a blink of an eye. And it all starts with that moment you came into their world, when their job became being our protectors & wanting to keep us safe because they love us so unconditionally. Well at least the parents we should celebrate are that way 💚 Thankful for you mama & daddy. Neither my ears or my feet are freezing off thanks to you 😉

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