listen to your body

Ready to get back to adventuring. My feet are missing my hiking boots so much! Whenever I get sick with a virus or infection it always takes my body a little bit longer to be back at full speed again. I’m sure the majority of people with autoimmune diseases know what I mean. How I see it is the body just experienced an earthquake & following the quake are the aftershocks – not as bad as the initial rupture but still can be felt. That’s where my body is right now, dealing with the aftershocks of this virus. I can be feeling pretty damn good & then suddenly I’m sick. All I can do is go on with my normal daily activities without over exerting myself & resting when my body starts feeling weak. Much of today was spent sleeping in bed or on the couch along with doing little chores around the apartment. These days can be rather dull & frustrating but I remind myself on days like this I’m giving my body the time it needs to feel better. One of the hardest parts of my health journey was learning to slow down. This has never been easy for me. I remember once as a kid I had a dance competition coming up & even though I was sick with bronchitis I went to the dance rehearsal. I told my parents I would just mark the moves. Well of course I danced hard with everyone watching. I was even told to slow down but of course I didn’t listen. I ended up not being able to get enough air to my lungs with the bronchitis & ended up coughing/vomiting up blood. Due to that I got asthma. I think I was only 9 or 10 years old the time. I had several other events in life other than that when I needed to show down but was refusing to listen to my body. Dance training & performing with pulled & torn muscles, tendinitis in both knees, sprains, & the worst being nerve damage. I just never really learned. I think we live in a society where we feel pressured to push ourselves farther than we should go. We have to push ourselves to some extent to grow but at the same time we must know when to slow down. It’s been a struggle with the years being sick & fighting for my health. Took a lot of people – medical professions, family, & friends – to tell me to slow down. Finally I did 💚 #listentoyourbody

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

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