“Leave your skin alone & love your smile lines” — advice from my amazing momma @carolyn_munholland. ⁣

When I first started getting my crows feet around my eyes I was pretty upset. I left the bathroom after looking at myself in the mirror & ran to my momma. “Look at the skin around my eyes!!” My momma smiled so big as if she was watching me take my first steps & said “Awwwww you have little crows feet. You are growing up” — yes, my momma is adorable but at the time I did not find this adorable. Instead I reacted with “I’m getting old!! Why are these here?!?! Is there a lotion?? Cream??? Botox??? I want them gone!!” That’s when my momma first told me to love my “Smile lines” but I didn’t listen. I became SUPER obsessive with my skin. I tried every face wash, cream, lotion, oil, & tonic there was & applied heavily on to prevent more lines & try to get rid of the lines I got. My skin obsession went even more into overdrive after I got the shingles virus multiple times on the top of my head. SO ITCHY & PAINFUL. Had to get vaccinated & thankfully my skin healed with surprisingly no scarring. But I was obsessed with the perfect – photo shopped – skin with no makeup. I was always messing with my face “Leave it alone Tay you have great skin” my momma would say. ⁣

One day… sometime in the last two years I stopped obsessing over my skin. It was around the point when I stopped pursuing an acting career & focused solely on my health. Maybe it was from not having to look at headshots or thinking about my appearance all the time that helped me get over my obsession. And I admit I’m a hell of a lot more confident. One day I did a selfie & thought “Wow… I love my crows feet – they are my smile lines” Yes, momma it only took me what at least 8 years?!? But I figured it out lol

Now my skin routine is simple: Both in the morning & before bed I rinse my face with warm water, dry with one of my momma’s super soft hand knitted wash cloth. Morning I apply @joyomeskincare & before bed I apply JoyOme or @younique_corporate. Not to make this into an advertisement but my momma does sell both along with her wash clothes 🥰 she also freely give love & support lol 💚 #bestmomma

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