It’s so wonderful to be back outside hiking again

It’s so wonderful to be back outside hiking again 😄🌲

This is the first day since catching that icky virus that I’m feeling like myself! I hiked for the first time yesterday since getting sick & I will admit it was a challenge. I was pretty exhausted afterwards & was a bit worried that my body was going to crash. Thankfully today I woke up feeling great! I took on my regular hike again at Fryman Canyon & today it felt WONDERFUL! You know the walk off challenge in the movie Zoolander?? Yeah I was so getting my walk on at today’s hike. Would have swept both Hansel & Zoolander off their feet 😉 But truly it did bring happy tears to my eyes to be feeling well again. I think when a person struggles with their health whether they battle with chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, or any kind of chronic ailments to the body, each day you feel like yourself without sickness or pain is such a grand day. One that should be cherished. I’m very thankful for today 💚 And I got my new hiking boots on. Ready for my wilderness walk off lol 🙃🥾👣@xeroshoes #livefeetfirst

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