It’s nice how now I can laugh at parts of my health journey.

It’s nice how now I can laugh at parts of my health journey.

I get messages from people quite a bit starting with “I saw your laser treatment with your vagina” or “I saw your post on struggling with pooping” or most recently from a good friend on here messaged me “So I was looking for a Facebook group but ended up finding a post of yours from 2014 when I Facebook searched for rectovaginal fistula.“ I couldn’t help but burst out laughing 🤣🤣🤣 I’m what you find when you search on Facebook “rectovaginal fistula”. Ohhhhhh goodness lol. I really got to write a fucking book. But there are so many things now that I find hilarious from my health journey. The stories I could tell … & you know what? I am going to start sharing them. Btw I never did have a rectovaginal fistula. My doctors had me have a colonoscopy to check it out but it turned out my vagina was having these crazy contractions where it was sucking in a lot of air & then blowing it out, making very loud fart like sounds every 30 seconds or so. I figured it out when one day while taking a bath I felt this gigantic suck so I lifted my pelvis from the bath water & out of my vagina came a stream of water like coming out of a fountain. I of course did what any one us would do – grabbed my phone & recorded it 🤣🤣 And then showed it to my mom lol. Had to do a lot of physical therapy & biofeedback ((pelvic floor muscle retraining is a treatment to help patients learn to strengthen or relax their pelvic floor muscles)). Shout-out to my physical therapist Brooke! My dad would ask EVERY TIME there was a fart noise “Was that from your butt or your…” I got so frustrated with him asking I said “If there is a fart sound just assume it’s coming from my vagina” lol. He still continued to ask or rather whispering to my mom asking what she thought. My vagina also got its own prescription for Valium … which lead to a custom order cream by my doctor that could only be made by one pharmacy in Oklahoma … funny story on that cream which I’ll share in my next post 😉#alwayskeepemwantingmore ⁣

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