I used to be absolutely terrified of needles. I remember up into high school crying every time I had to receive a shot. Pure panic. One of the reasons I had never gotten a tattoo, so very afraid of needles. Once I got really sick needles just became another part of my daily life. I also realized there were treatments that were far more painful then having a needle or IV poked into you. Bladder installations, mixtures of medicines put directly into the bladder through a catheter, to this day scare the shit out of me. Having a kidney stent removed without any topical anesthetic that was one for the books too. Any case when it comes to needles I’ve had so much blood drawn for testing, IVs, & injections that they don’t bother me at all anymore. I’m tested every so often to check to see if my body has any deficiencies, whether it be in vitamins, hormones, nutritional, or anything else my medical team thinks could be causing me problems. I’m prone to being anemic. I have been terribly iron deficient in the past due to extremely long & heavy periods which lead me to receive an iron infusion. Few months back my tests showed I was very b12 deficient which was causing anemia & problems to my nervous system. I was constantly fatigued to the point where I couldn’t even lift my fingers let alone get up out of bed. I was also having trouble with my memory & being able to focus. I also had muscle weakness & shortness of breath. B12 deficiency can come with immune system disorders which I have, along with having a thinner stomach lining or conditions that effect your small intestine, again which I have. Along with the B12 deficiency we also discovered that I had testosterone deficiency. With being so low in testosterone it was contributing to my fatigue, muscle weakness, muscle loss, menstruation problems, & mood swings. My doctor gave me the option of how I wanted to be treated. Whether it be with creams/supplements or injections. I immediately said injections. It absorbs in the body faster & my fear of needles was long over. Since starting regular injections I have seen a huge improvement in my health. Very thankful it’s working 💚💉 #healthwarrior #nevergiveup

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