Today would have been my older sister’s 34th birthday. Jennifer Munholland, my “Sisy” is the greatest inspiration in my life. I can easily say she was the greatest big sister I could have asked for. From the time I was born she was always there looking out for me. She took on the job of “Sisy”, Big Sister with the utmost pride. Unfortunately life can be rather cruel & unjust. When I was 12 years old my Sisy, 17 at the time, passed away in a car accident. My Sisy was a huge light in my life. She never judged others for what they looked like, where they came from, she was always kind & open. One of my favorite stories I like to share shows how incredible of a person she was. On my first day of kindergarten she was a fifth grader, so top of dog of eliminatory school, my parents asked her to hold my hand after school & walk me home. A lot of fifth graders might have been embarrassed to have to walk hand & hand with their little sister but she took it with so much pride & responsibility. Five years laters on my last day of elementary school I came out of the school & started on my walk home. All of a sudden I hear my Sisy’s voice calling behind me “Tay Tay! Tay Tay!”. I turn to see my big sister coming from her high school, on her last day of 10th grade, running towards me. I was very shocked to see her since I expected she would be hanging with her high school friends now that summer had begun. I asked her what she was doing here. She looked at me, smiled, & grabbed my hand as she said “I walked you home on your first day of eliminatory school, I’m going to walk you home on your last day.” & she did. We walked home hand & hand the entire way. That was one of the greatest moments in my life. I always knew we were great sisters who loved each other unconditionally but I knew then we were also best friends. I hold onto my Sisy’s memory with me everyday. I know so much of who I am is because I had her as guide, a support, & a friend. She is a light in my life that will never dim or go out. Love my Sisy, always & forever 💚#iloveyoualways

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