I never thought I would be one for adventuring in the winter but I truly LOVE it !!! I

I never thought I would be one for adventuring in the winter but I truly LOVE it !!!

It has been so much fun to see all the parks with snow 😍❄️ Though ice & me don’t do well together lol. I’m already a bit of a klutz when walking on solid ground so when ice came into the picture it didn’t go over well. Yesterday I fell hard twice. First at Canyonlands NP & then at Arches NP. One moment I was a taking a step, the next moment I was lying on back. BAM! Landed on my tailbone both times. This is now the fourth time I’ve hurt my tailbone, poor thing. First time was when I was a kid; in dance practice we were trying a cheerleader stunt where I was thrown into the air but I was not caught, fractured it that time. Second time I was trying to do aerial moves on my home door pull up bar… the pull up bar ended up being dislodged & I ended up landing strait onto my tailbone. I remember laying on the ground for a good ten minutes before being able to reach my phone to get help. Third time I was going too deep in a yoga position I was not yet ready for, that one was pretty bad. Due to the jamming of the bones one of my legs was an inch shorter than the other leg 😬 Took several chiropractor sessions & alignment stretching to get it back to normal. And now this time. Seriously my poor little tailbone. I’ve never injured any other bones except for this one, it needs a break… wrong use of words lol. Right now I can’t tell if I bruised the bone, jammed it, or have a small fracture. I’m okay though! Just in a bit of pain when going from standing to sitting, sitting to standing, leaning forward or back, & when peeing & pooping… other than that I’m great 😂 Not much can be done for injury like this. Needs to heal on its own. Hopefully the bone is just bruised 🤞 I’ll know in a few days. Even though the ice got me twice I feel like I’m getting it back ten fold every time I get a bag of ice & place it under my ass, thinking “who’s laughing now?!” 🍑❄️🔥🤣 Next winter trip I’m going with spikes on my hiking boots… or just carry around a big bag of salt, throwing handfuls in front of me. That might be worth it just to see the expressions on other hikers faces lol #iceicebaby

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