“I Love Myself”⁣

This drawing may be my favorite work of art I have done in my life. It embodies so much for me. I had taken the original photo of myself on a day I was flaring with my chronic pain. On the days I flare I admit to not feeling beautiful or confident or feeling an abundance of love for myself … it’s as if the light in me goes out. But on that day I remember laying on my heating mat & repeating “I’m strong. I’m beautiful. I’m fighting. I’m healing. I love myself”. I never would take photos of myself while I was flaring in the past because I just don’t want a reminder of the days I’m in so much pain or feeling so terribly sick. Those days if I could I would forget. But I wanted to remember this moment. I wanted to remember loving myself unconditionally despite this internal battle of chronic pain & autoimmune diseases. For that pain & those diseases do not define me. They have shaped me. But never will they define me. I love the woman I have become. I’m stronger than I ever thought possible. And for the first time in a very long time I feel beautiful. And I truly love myself which is so amazing to feel. ⁣

With that after I took the photo I knew I had to place this part of my soul on paper. To keep hung in my room as a reminder to me on my bad days that I’m still beautiful & strong. Also to never stop loving myself. ⁣

It lifts my heart every time I look upon it. And it’s true, I love myself. ⁣

Mixed Media; pastels & charcoal on paper ⁣

Thank you to my family & friends old & new who have loved & supported me on my journey. You mean the world to me & I’m so very thankful for you  💚

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