I’m very much hoping as the day goes on I will start to feel better 🙏💚 These past 7 days have not been the best. My hormones are going every which way with my irregular periods & they are making all my chronic conditions flare. My bladder is aching from the cramps & having that sharp pain up the urethra. My stomach is wrenching with pain & nausea, I nearly passed out this morning trying to go. I’m so very dizzy & fatigued. And my whole body hurts. I’m just hoping my silly period will eventually start so I can some relief from these hormones. My symptoms also stirred up a bit more the day before yesterday after I got stung by something, guessing a wasp or bee from my body’s reaction. I spent that night curled up on the bathroom floor. And I’m sure my body is out of whack from the nausea medicine too – my cotton mouth is driving me a bit nutty. Thankfully I have an acupuncture appointment in an hour so I hoping I will get some relief with the session. I’m also hoping it will be warm enough in LA again for me to layout in the sun. The sunshine helps ☀️ … as long as I don’t get stung by anything. Fingers crossed this is my only sting for 2019! ⁣

Fun fact about me regarding stings: I have been stung at least once a year since the bumble bee at the zoo when I was 5 years old 🐝 My momma says it’s because I’m so sweet that the bees & wasps mistake for a flower 🌻 I think my hair looks like a honey comb to the bees & the wasps … well they are just assholes 🤣 But truly what usually happens is they fly in my hair / get tangled / freak out / & then sting me … why this sting above my knee is a bit unusual. But who knows maybe the little creature had an epic battle in my hair & then once untangled it flew just far enough where it felt it was safe & decided that would be a good enough place to sting. Any case haha hopefully things will start looking up soon 🤞 ⁣

Off to get acupuncture 🤗💚#onebreathatatime ⁣

PC: @nolan.weisser ⁣
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