HELLO 29!!!!

Hello 29!!! 💚🌻 #BirthdayGirl⁣⁣
You say it’s your birthday⁣⁣
It’s my birthday too, yeah⁣⁣
They say it’s your birthday⁣⁣
We’re gonna have a good time⁣⁣
I’m glad it’s your birthday⁣⁣
Happy birthday to you⁣⁣
@thebeatles ⁣⁣

Fun facts about the day I was born 😆: ⁣⁣
• My mom was eating my favorite Braums ice cream when she went into labor 🍦⁣⁣
• The doctor delivering decided a natural birth would be faster than if my momma got the epidural. So he convinced my dad to tell my mom that it was too late for her to receive the epidural (Yes ladies she is still rightfully punishing him to this day for that one!!) My mom not being preparing at all for a natural birth tried to leave the hospital room telling the nurse she was not having this baby today 🤣 ⁣⁣
• When I was ready to come out the nurse was literally having to hold me in since she was waiting for the doctor to get in the room since he was still getting ready!!⁣⁣
• Which is why my daddy refers to my birth as an EXPLOSION. Literally when describing my birth he makes an eruption sound like a volcano 🤣🌋⁣⁣
• My mom on the other hand describes my birth as pushing a bowling ball out of her vagina … I did have a pretty big head lol sorry momma! ⁣⁣
• Despite me coming out super fast & in explosive manner I slept through it! Yep I was born asleep. My parents got so scared when I wasn’t crying thinking something was wrong. The nurse gave a little poke & apparently I opened one little eye and then went back to sleep 🤣 & the nurse told my parents not to worry “she’s just sleeping”. My mom always says only I can sleep through my birth lol. ⁣⁣
• Born at 11:51pm CT ⏰ ⁣
• My first name was going to be Lauren but my dad convinced my mom to make it Taylor ☺️⁣
• And because I was born with no hair 🥚 to show that I was a girl the nurse put a drop of corn syrup on my head to attach a small pink bow 🎀⁣⁣
• MOST IMPORTANT: I was brought into this world deeply loved & have been loved with the same capacity every single day of my life 💚 thank you mommy & daddy for bringing me into this world, for being such a vital part of life, & for helping me become the woman I am today!! #BirthdayLove

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