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Healing Childhood Trauma with Chronic Illnesses

Healing Childhood Trauma with Chronic Illness

When looking at my health I’m also starting to look at things in my childhood to help better heal my own traumas & to also help break cycles for future generations. I remember as kid being mentally belittled by both school & dance teachers when it came to my health. Specifically in my need to go to the bathroom. I was diagnosed with IBS at the age of 7 yrs old. I often would be nauseous from my stomach ailments & dealing with chronic constipation. When I needed to go I HAD TO GO. Along with my IBS I look back now & know I’ve always suffered from IC, chronic painful bladder syndrome, but failed to receive the proper diagnosis until I was in my 20s due to the lack of knowledge by the doctors I was seeing who mistakingly took it as a bladder infection… though you would think one would have sent me to a specialist since I was being diagnosed with a bladder infection once to twice a month, being placed on antibiotics that were killing my good gut biome, & my bladder cells were being destroyed the entire time allowing toxins from my urine to enter other parts of my body. With IC I feel an urgency & frequency to pee. Again when I had to go, I HAD TO GO. Then the terrible heavy periods, often leaving me cramped over on the toilet. I remember teachers asking why I possibly needed to go to the bathroom so often, that I needed to stop using excuses to get out of class. Specifically being told once by a teacher “Not even the babies ask to go to the bathroom this much”. The humiliation & pain from that statement as a child was like a slap in the face. We all say things we wish we could take back but as adults we must be more careful what we say to children & to LISTEN TO THEM. But even now as an adult I’ve had fellow adults in teacher trainings or at functions who have said “hold it – wait until we are done”. Crazy how we think it’s “normal” to tell others to hold a necessary bodily function & how dangerous that is. Our bodies tell us when we need to go for a reason. Holding waste in us is damaging. As an adult I now have the authority to say “No, I’m going right now”. Children don’t have that authority. If something seems unusual talk to them, listen, provide help.

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