Thank you all for your incredible love & support!!! My recovery is going well! 🌻 I will be heading back to CA this Wednesday 🤗💚

Back to sharing my journey. I left off after having two laparoscopies, shutting down my periods for 5 years with Lupron injections, being diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (IC), chronic painful bladder syndrome, which was causing such severe pelvic pain & sickness that I became bedridden, losing 40 pounds in a a very short / scary period, & was disabled by my condition. ⁣

I spent most of my time in bed curled up in pain along with seeing one of my specialists at least once a day. My IC became more severe after trying bladder installations (medication sent directly to the bladder by catheter). The medication was $200-400 a month with insurance & we had no idea if it would work or not (it didn’t). These treatments flared my bladder terribly. There was a time during the treatment that mg bladder rejected the medication. I ended up uncontrollably & painfully peeing out the medication & urine all over the floor & myself. I remember crying hysterically “I can’t control it”. I was helpless. My mom & the nurse had to make a diaper for me out of paper towels. To this day thinking about that moment hurts. It was so degrading. I had more moments to come if not being able to control when I would pee. I would spend time sitting on the toilet, feeling the need to go but nothing would come out but little drops. The pain & bloating, while trying to release my bladder would make me faint on several occasions on the toilet. After fainting I would be so disoriented that I would curl up on the floor & then all the urine that was held so tight would release. Covering the floor & me. I was in a state of survival at this time. Each day just trying to make it by. Wishing the pain would stop at any cost. I was never suicidal but I did think about how nice it would be just for me to no longer be in pain. At this point my parents were preparing to take me to the Mayo Clinic. But before they did my lead doctor urged my mom & me to go to CO & try medical cannabis … That’s when my journey took a great leap 🌻 #interstitialcystitisawareness

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