Hakuna Matata 😆 If you didn’t know The Lion King is one of my all time favorite movies 🦁I still own the VHS with pride & you know I get annoyed every time that the previews on the blueray is not the same as the VHS ones – come on @disney I want to relive my childhood experience!! 🤣 Now my family has been wanting me to share this childhood story FOREVER. So here we go lol If you seen The Lion King – please tell me you’ve seen it — ok side note lol one of my favorite theatre professors in college, one of my favorite people in general, never had seen The Lion King. Well for a good semester while I was taking his classes & performing in one of his shows I kept pestering him about how he NEEDED to watch it… I distinctly remember him saying “I am not a child Ms. Munholland” (imagine an awesome old school theatre director) My response was “It’s not for children! It’s for EVERYONE. It’s Hamlet with LIONS. How can it get better than that?!?!” Well after a semester of me telling him about it I eventually bought him the DVD for him. Which after watching I distinctly remember him saying “I enjoyed it” YES. And then for his retirement party I couldn’t resist getting him The Lion King 2 🤣 not sure if he’s watched that one yet. But back to my original story. There’s a part in The Lion King where Mufasa is describing the circle of life to Simba “ When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connnected in the great Circle of Life.” Well when I was little I got one of the words wrong… I was trying to be all Lion King philosophical to my momma “It’s the circle of life. The lions eat the cantaloupe. But when the lions die they become the grass and the cantaloupe eat the grass” My family will never let me live that “Taylorism” down. And how I said it so very seriously 🤣 Now whenever I bring up cantaloupe they ask me “Wait are you speaking about the fruit or the animal??” I know my fruits & animals now!!! Lol 😆🦁🍈 #LionKing #Taylorism#CantaloupeAntelope

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