Guess who’s feeling better!! 😆🙌💚 Thank you all for your incredible love & support during my last flare. I’m so very grateful to have such an amazing community following me on my journey. I’m so happy to be out of bed! Yesterday I was able to walk three miles (saving snails on the sidewalk as I went 🐌) & gave my apartment a good cleaning 🧼 I honestly enjoy cleaning, which my parents find strange lol, but I love organizing & taking care of my space … though I would very much love a space for my art where I didn’t have to worry about getting paint everywhere. In high school I wasn’t so clean & ended up painting the walls, getting paint of the carpets, staining the master tub with red paint, & getting paint on the red bricks of the house … also ended up getting pretty out of it on spray paint & glue while working on a project since I never thought of opening up a window 🙈 Lol I remember blasting heavy metal rock, while spray painting cardboard & then thought it would be cool to pour wax from the lighted candle onto the spray painted cardboard…ended up catching on fire but I extinguished it in the sink. I heard my mom come home & say to my dad “what’s that smell?!” My dad: “Tay’s room”. My mom: “What is she doing??”. My dad: “I don’t know. I’m not going in there…she’s crazy” (PS he said that in a joking manner) 🤣 Well easy to say my mom entered my room finding me high (non-intentionally) with a huge mess. She opened up all the windows and marched me outside where I got a talking to about always having my windows open when doing art – how I could kill my brain cells … That’s my momma for you more concerned about my well being than the huge mess I had just made. Fun fact: To this day I can’t smell paint, glue, or sharpies 🙈 Lol one day I hope to have a space just for my art with big windows where I can get as messy as I want to! Until then laying out the tarp. Very excited as I get back to my art projects 😆🎨 Creating again! I also feel some hiking & yoga coming on 😍 Thank you all again for your love, support & following me on my journey (& reading my rambles lol) It truly does mean a lot to me 💚 #spreadlove#keepfightingforyourdreams #thankful#artistlifelol

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