Weight Gain After Last Huge Health Flare

Guess who’s gained 15 pounds?! That’s right!!! 🤟🏼💯🤍 I FUCKING LOVE THIS BODY OF MINE. I’m 3 pounds away from being back at the weight I was at before getting so terribly sick during the fall. You see that chronic illnesses?! You can’t keep me down. My body is stronger. With this body of mine we fight. We conquer.

To the chronic ailments that inflict us fuck you. Fuck you interstitial cystitis. Fuck you endometriosis & chronic pelvic pain. Fuck you IBS & colitis. Fuck you dysautonomia, pots syndrome, eds & all the others under that umbrella. I am NOT your victim. I am NOT your SLAVE. You do NOT control me. I will fight for the life I deserve & slam you down in the process. You may have shaped me but you will NEVER define me.

At my sickest you made me forget how amazing life can be. You isolated me. I lived in a state of constant crippling suffering. The worst of pain. The worst of sickness. With each breath I wished for my life to end for I didn’t think I was strong enough to defeat you. I blamed my body instead of blaming the true villains. My body is not to blame. My body is incredible for facing you day & night. You are relentless. But my body & I are far more stubborn & have a killer instinct. We will devour you & then spit you out. I will have remission, there’s no doubt in my mind.

I will continue to raise my voice to you. To be an advocate. To raise awareness. To fight for more research, for CURES. I will speak for my every woman, man, & child you try to destroy. I will be a voice for the voiceless. I will do everything in my power to empower those in this mass community of the chronically ill. Those with invisible illnesses, invisible disabilities. The world will see us, will hear us.

I fight for my friends, family, for those I don’t even know who are going to one doctors appointment to the next. Who have feeding tubes. Who are on multiple meds. Who cry themselves asleep asking “what am I doing wrong? what did I do to deserve this”.


Chronic illnesses we are coming for you, as you came for us… And we will bury you.

Love & support always to my fellow badass Warriors

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