First hike of the year & first hike / major physical activity in a month since being sick!! I have to be honest the first uphill mile I thought I was going to heave over & vomit. I got extremely dizzy & out of breath. I kept having to make several stops to catch my breath, rest, & recenter my mind. It’s a fine line & sometimes a hard line to know when you are doing too much or when your body needs that extra push. I’ve had virus on top of virus since Dec 14th. I only started feeling much better yesterday but decided to give myself another day to rest. Today I woke feeling very energized & went to one of my favorite trails. It was brutal at the beginning. I was ready to turn back many times & call it a day. But after hitting what felt like my wall my energy started rising & my body started feeling better. I thought “Ok, you needed the push… let’s go” I ended up hiking the full 5 mile trail today. I took many more sitting breaks & was a lot slower than I was a month ago but I DID IT! And after it first feeling terrible it turned out to feel GREAT!! Good thing too I’ve had times were I kept going & thought “Well this was a mistake” not always easy to know. I spent the rest of the day taking it easy & giving my body a lot of congratulatory support 💚 Resting on my MediCrystal amethyst heating mat, replenishing my body with water/electrolytes/vitamins/& protein. Along with some gentle stretching. Tonight I’m going to take a nice long soak in an epsom salt bath followed with a lovely yin yoga practice, a little drawing before getting cozy in my bed & listen to “The Murderer’s Son” by Joy Ellis read by Richard Armitage (I enjoy a good mystery novel) Fingers crossed my body will be happy tomorrow 🤞I love being physically active but that first go after being sick always brings uncertainty when having an autoimmune chronic pain disease – you never know how the body will react. I’m hoping for a positive reaction 💚 Keep going my beautiful friends & family. Remember one breath at a time. #youcandothis
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