Thankful to say I’m starting to feel more like me again instead of sneezing/coughing pajama zombie 🤣 This virus really has knocked me down. Yesterday I spent most of the day sleeping for I was too dizzy & fatigued to even watch TV. Then my chronic pain ended up shooting through roof all over my body making cry along with my IC bladder being agitated as well making me feel like I needed to go to the restroom every minute with nothing coming out until it inflated like a balloon & finally released. Why I hate getting viruses so much with autoimmune diseases & chronic pain. One they last longer to get over; a 48 hour virus can end up lasting 1-2 weeks (or more) since it’s harder for the body with autoimmune diseases to fight it off & it makes the body more accessible to other viruses with its defenses even more down. Two all the autoimmune/chronic stuff gets all flared up – makes me think of the movie Shaun of the Dead where it’s the bar scene where one guy is pointing a gun at Shaun’s mom because she’s about to turn into a zombie so Shaun breaks a bear bottle & holds a glass to the guys neck & then Shaun’s best friend does the same & then the guys girlfriend does the same but holds the glass to Shaun & then Shaun’s girlfriend yells “Can we all just calm the fuck down!!” That’s how I feel with my body during a virus, everything inside is going crazy & my brain is Shaun’s girlfriend yelling for everyone to calm down. Now you’re going to want to watch that movie aren’t you? 🤣 Well I had my scream of “Can we all calm the fuck down” & it seems to have done the trick. I’m in less pain, less fatigued, & the virus symptoms are so far more manageable. I’m hoping this sticks 🤞 Very tired of being cooped up inside. Ready to get back to enjoying the sunshine & life again. Nature is calling me 🌻 but until I feel up to hiking I have my succulents to put a smile on my face 🌵🤗💚 And easy going walks around my neighborhood 🌷🌸🌼#SoMuchLove#KeepGoing#EverythingYouNeedIsInsideYou ⁣

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