I’m thankful to say I’m feeling much better than I was earlier today 💚 I can’t say I feel as well as this picture lol but here are to feeling good SMILE GOALS 😆! I had a great acupuncture session which helped calm the pain & nausea down a bit. I made some ginger / aloe vera juice to continue to help calm my tummy. I’ve only been able to eat toast but at least I’m able to eat. And I was able to get some sunshine too ☀️ I’m keeping my fingers crossed that with a good nights sleep I will be feeling better tomorrow. And hopefully this period will start already & I can have even more relief – come on clary sage work your magic!! ⁣

And catching up with #LoveYourselfMarch! A pose I love & makes me feel good about myself 💚 I don’t think it’s a shock to a one that absolutely love practicing my center splits & they make me feel pretty damn good 😆 Now many have asked me “How can I get splits like yours?” I like to remind everyone that first I’m naturally a bit of pretzel … I may have been one in a past life – a short but good life @auntieannespretzels 🥨🤣 Second I started dance training at the age of 2 & trained for 21 years. I’ve been practicing yoga for 13 years now. And most days I’ll sit in my center splits from anywhere to 5-30 minutes (I’ve been known to fall asleep when I’m stretched out on the wall … I don’t recommend falling asleep lol & I don’t recommend you holding center splits for a long time unless you feel comfortable in the pose & know when your body is telling you to come out). So as you can see I’ve had many years of practicing & my hips are naturally open. I don’t recommend anyone forcing their splits or pushing themselves to go deeper into the pose for that can cause injuries. I don’t know how many times I pulled or tore my thigh muscles during my dancing years due from over stretching & not enough strengthening. It’s very important to listen to your body! 💚 Especially if you want to avoid injury 😉 #lovemysplits

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