FEELING BETTER!! 😆💚 As many of you know my chronic pain flared up this past month from my hormones going completely whacky & then having a terrible period which set my chronic pain/IC/fatigue on high alert. But thank goodness I’m feeling more like me! On Sunday a BURST of energy & feeling WELL hit me. On Sunday I hiked 8.7 miles! It felt so amazing! Sunday night I was thinking “how is my body going to react from this?” But thankfully & rather amazingly I woke up feeling great except for sore legs & toosh 🍑🔥 🤣 I even was able to train yesterday @blainestrong 💪. I lost the majority of my core strength over these last 6 years from my fight with interstitial cystitis, chronic painful bladder syndrome. It used to be something that REALLY upset me. Even when I was in severe pain I remember trying to work on my abs…that is until my pelvic floor physical therapist had a stern talk with me. I’ve thankfully reached a point where working on my core no longer causes me screaming curled up in the fetal position pain. I admit I find it frustrating I can’t do what I was able to do in the past. But honestly I really haven’t been motivated by my past self or body. I don’t have the desire or longing for that past self – which is a GREAT thing! But I needed to find new motivation. Abs? No, they would be cool if some lines showed but that’s not going to motivate me. Being able to do a handstand & other badass yoga poses? Nope, recently figured out I really could care less about that lol. What did I really want to do??? And then I realized it. I want to be strong enough to take self defense classes. I want to be able to protect myself & be strong enough to put up a damn good Gollum fight if I ever have to ( which🤞 I won’t) That’s what I want most as my main fitness goal. I would also love to be strong enough to try rock climbing & other activities without my body getting tired so fast due to the lack of strength. These are the motivators that will get me going. Instead of looking at the past I have meaningful goals for the future & an eagerness to go for them in the present 💚 I’m so very excited to get going as you can see with my ear to ear smile 😆🔥💯 #reachforyourgoals

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