Fall in love with yourself 🥰 After reading the comments on my posts about my feelings about the Instagram number game. I saw in the comments how many of you feel disheartened that you don’t have a larger following or how you feel stuck. I don’t much understand the algorithm of IG now. I feel like to be seen you have to pay for promotions, which IG being a platform for engagement it’s pretty ridiculous that such a low percentage is seeing our posts. If you are wanting to grow right now it’s fucking hard. Don’t let it bring you down! Instagram does not determine your self worth. When IG first started ((I wasn’t on it. I was not a fan of social media at the time. Gave me anxiety lol)) there weren’t blocks, shadow banning, you could like & comment on as many posts as you wanted, & the feed was in chronological order making it easier to see everyone’s posts. Much easier to grow when the algorithm is not out to get you. I started my account back in 2016. I was still pursuing my dream as a working actress & I was told I needed to have an IG account to promote myself. I didn’t do much on it besides putting up headshots but then I took those posts down when I made the decision to stop acting & focus on my health. I was still very much struggling with my chronic pain & autoimmune diseases. I was planning on taking down my IG all together but my smart mama told me I should keep it up as a blog. From the fall of 2016 through 2017 & parts of 2018 I spent a great deal of time sick in bed or on the bathroom floor (had a lot of candida & pathogens to get out of my body). I had my good days for photo shoots & travel but so much time was spent sick or resting. So I spent hours on my phone. IG became like a job for me. It gave me something to do. I researched the algorithms learning how many likes I could do in hour. I learned & played the game. If I hadn’t been sick & stuck in bed I wouldn’t have had the time for it. There’s just no way. I would have taken being well over my high following any day. But I am thankful for the world & opportunities this app opened up to me. Now with my following it’s not just my voice I want heard, it’s all of our voices #raiseeachotherup

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