Instagram has expanded the test of private like count globally … I’m in the test & I have to say I like this change. It’s very interesting not see the number count on everyone’s posts … it’s nice 💚 I curse @instagram a bit with their changes but this one may just be a really good one for all of us. ⁣

And speaking of change haha change of plans again. I’m not heading out to OK this weekend for a visit since my mama is sick with a nasty virus which has set off her POTS & fibromyalgia. Knowing my mama like I do if I came out there she would put her energy into trying to make the best visit ever instead of what she really needs to do is making herself her number one priority & resting. She felt guilty at first, the thought of putting herself first makes her feel selfish, but I think she is resting more easy now. Please send her love & healing vibes! @carolyn_munholland love you! Rest! Feel better! ⁣

I will be missing her on her birthday ((note to self birthday present now must be sent in mail)) & miss the family on thanksgiving but they will have me for a nice long visit come December/January … and I’m pretty sure my next cystoscopy hydrodistention surgery for my interstitial cystitis (chronic painful bladder syndrome) will need to be a scheduled in February … along with my Mona Lisa Touch laser treatment … And then my lead doctor says he’s got something new that he’s excited about – don’t know much yet or what it will entail but I’ll find out more in December. He’s excited so it must be something pretty innovative and that he thinks will make a difference in my health when it comes to managing my autoimmune diseases & chronic pain, so I would be lying to say I’m on the edge of my seat wanting to know more. So I’ll be in OK making up the time lost lol ⁣

But now it’s deciding what I’m going to do on the days I was going to be in OK … May end up driving to do some site seeing & adventuring in neighboring states … or maybe I’ll venture more in CA. I have an itching that must be scratched 🥾💚 #adventureawaits #instagramyoudonegood #timesareachanging

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