Hiking in shorts all year round thanks to @embrlabs 😆🔝💯

I refuse to wear pants!! Lol ok in all seriousness my Embr Wave Bracelet has made such a big difference with regulating my body temperature. If you read my last post or have followed my health journey, you know that I have POTS syndrome which messes with my autonomic nervous system (regulating body functions including my body temperature). My body has turned blue in the past at 70°F, a bit crazy! On my hikes in the past in the winter I would never stop to just be with nature because I would get too cold. Having to start moving to get my temperature back up. Recently since receiving the Embr Wave bracelet I’ve been able to take nice long breaks to just sit, be with myself & with nature without getting cold. I’m able to use the heat button of the bracelet to warm me up ((so amazing that it WORKS!!)). Even kept me warm when it started to rain 😄🌧 Was wearing it in that post of me rollerblading in the rain, so much fun lol. The Embr Wave has truly been a game changer with regulating my body temperature. I was super skeptical at first but it’s been amazing how well it has worked with my body. I’m now so thankful that the company reached out to me. It’s truly incredible how far we have come with technology. Right now @embrlabs has just launched the limited edition Rose Gold Embr Wave ((what I’m wearing & loving in this pic)). It’s the perfect gift this holiday season for those who want thermal comfort wherever you go! Like I said in my last post & in my stories, it’s the greatest thing since heated car seats!! I highly recommend it 💯 Checkout my stories to see me chat more about it 🙃 And if you have any questions on my personal experience with the Embr Wave bracelet ask away! #ownyourtempature #ad #thermalwellness 🌡💚

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