When you first meet me don’t be fooled … ⁣⁣

I act reserved but that’s just me scoping you out. Once I get to know you & like you, I’ll be that friend who randomly dances & twerks in public, gets naked without a care, cat calls back at strangers, breaks out in song, impersonates Gollum/Sméagol, howls at the moon, curses like a sailor, laughs until I’m crying, make raunchy jokes, gets super excited about little things, hug or jump on you for no reason except for the simple fact I love having you in my life. And if you’re ever down on yourself I will loudly tell you ((where everyone else can hear too)) what a smoking hot fucking babe you are 😍🔥⁣⁣
… ⁣⁣
Now if I don’t like you I’ll continue to be reserved & most likely have what I call the “fuck you smile” on my face 🙈😅⁣
There’s really not much in between the two lol either I wildly love you or I’m just … ((awkward silence with FU smile)) 🤣⁣ Maybe a place in my life I need to find a better balance lol. In all raw honesty I tend to be that way where I either like someone a lot & want to place my time and energy on them or I just politely say “goodbye”. Anyone else like this??? ⁣
PS the smile in this picture is not the “fuck you smile” it’s the “fucking love you so much smile” 💚😘 #gettingtoknowme #popandlock #fuckingloveyou

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