Dinosaur National Monument @dinosaurnps in Utah 🦕✌️🦖⁣

— In 1909, paleontologist Earl Douglass was searching for fossils for the Carnegie Museum when he discovered a formation layered with prehistoric plant and animal fossils. A quarry was established and in 1915 Dinosaur National Monument was created to protect 80 acres in the quarry area. Today the monument includes 210,844 acres. Many fossils are embedded in a sloping rock formation that was once a sandbar on the edge of a large river. As the river carried animal carcasses downstream, many became stuck on the sandbar, which eventually turned to rock. As a result, fossils from hundreds of creatures are concentrated in a small area. Many fossilized bones have been partially exposed but left intact in the rock where they can be easily seen. A building was constructed over the area, which is now known as “The Quarry” at the monument. —@nationalparkservice ⁣

It was so fascinating to see so many fossils in one area. So worth the stop & had a wonderful hike to it as well 👣💚 All thanks to the old trusty atlas that we found it 🗺 #dinosaurlover #nps#explore

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