#DinoHikeNerdAllTheWay 🤓

#DinoHikeNerdAllTheWay 🤓 Back to the Jurassic !!! 🦖🦕

The Dinosaur National Monument @dinosaurnps The park contains over 800 paleontological sites and has fossils of dinosaurs & back in 2010 team of paleontologists discovered a new, large, plant-eating dinosaur, Abydosaurus McIntosh (genus of brachiosaurid sauropod dinosaur … think Little Foot in The Land Before Time -> 🦕 this kind of dino) When the Dinosaur National Monument was first founded with 80 acres protected now it’s grown to 210,844 acres! @utahdotcom The unique rock formations in this area provide a geologic record of earth history covering billions of years. Part of the mission of the monument is to work to understand that history… how rocks formed over time and were shaped by rivers and other environmental factors… how plant and animal life developed and changed over time. It’s such an incredible site to see. I was so intrigued by both fossils & the various rock formation 🙌 #dinosaurnationalmonument #goplaces#neverstopexploring

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