Months ago I was sharing my health journey but then got distracted with my travels & adventures 🏜 But now I’m ready to share more. I left off after having two laparoscopies for endometriosis/ovarian cyst complications/ & the second needing my appendix removed since it had begun to rot, then after continuing to have severe pelvic pain my doctor & I decided to shut down my periods for 5 years with Lupron injections – placing me in a chemically induced menopausal state, & then when the severe pelvic pain continued we realized it was not just my uterus that was having issues but my bladder. I was then diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (IC), chronic painful bladder syndrome, which was causing such severe pelvic pain & sickness that I became bedridden, losing 40 pounds in a a very short / scary period, & became disabled by my condition. ⁣My form was skeletal with no fat or muscle. Times I was too weak to walk or stand. Nothing was helping. None of the various pain medications or nausea medications were having any effect. Even the shots I received at the hospital would just wear off & the severe pain cycle would continue. At the time medical cannabis was not legal in the state of OK. My doctor, after having me try everything else, gave me a prescription for Marinol which is a medicine used to is used to treat nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy along with treat loss of appetite and weight loss in patients with HIV infection. It is a man-made form of the active natural substance in cannabis. I tried the medication & only after a few minutes of taking the pill my body reacted negatively where I began vomiting – or rather since I was barely able to eat I began to dry heave until I felt I was going to pass out. At that point we were thinking Mayo Clinic but instead my doctor wanted me to go to CO for a month to try cannabis where it was legal – since he knew the medical benefits it has. I had never tried cannabis before. At the time there was a lot of negative thoughts on using it – “gateway drug”. But I was losing the battle for my health. My body was deteriorating. So in the end my mom & I packed up the car and drove to stay with family in CO #journey

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