Speaking about the followers vs following ratio. As I was saying FUCK THOSE NUMBERS!! But seriously I had an eye opener while meeting the @theflilife group this past weekend. Many of them asked what my username was knowing my account was somewhat big & after giving my username I would ask them what theirs were so I could follow them back – the response from most was “Well I don’t have that many people following me so you don’t have to” It was like a huge WOW. They knew I had a high following & with that they didn’t think I would want to follow smaller accounts. Let me be clear if you have a smaller account that does not make what you have to say or post less important! It’s like this illusion that being an incredible yogi is by how flexible or strong you are physically, or how great your ass looks in a pair of leggings, or how many followers you have … WRONG … you think the yogi masters or monks in the East give a flip about followers?? Being a gymnast, dancer, etc. being able to do impressive moves doesn’t make you a better a yogi. Yoga is a lifestyle. It’s more about mindfulness & your practice off the mat than anything else. Little side note rampage before getting back to the subject on hand 😂 On this social platform we know & love/hate called Instagram I’m here to build a community. I’m here to make connections. I’m not here to think I’m better because I have a lot of followers. At the end of the day it’s the number of people who I can refer to as my tribe. Those who I began to know by name & journeys. Those who are here for me & I’m there for them. That’s what counts. Again fuck the ratios, fuck the game of followers vs following. Instead let’s raise each other. Make real connections. That’s what truly counts 💚 #loveyoutribe 📸 Tanner with @shaneharderphotography

Photo taken at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort 

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