Continuing from yesterday’s post about battle with constipation & my being diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) at the young age of 7. I’ve always been a very happy person with a positive outlook on life. I do the best I can with my struggles & learning to work with them or tear them down if I can. I think I’ve shared this childhood part of my health journey but it has been some time since I shared. I started having issues with pooping after I was potty trained. I don’t know if it’s because I was unable to squat or if I was just uncomfortable sitting on the toilet but something happened where pooping became terribly painful. I would cry on the toilet begging & pleading with my mama for her to not make me go because it hurt. Due to the pain I began holding my poop & not going. Twice my poop got so backed up that I become so ill I had to go to the hospital where the MRIs showed how my intestines where jam packed. At the age of 7 I was sent to a specialists due to this struggle along with having bouts of nausea & constant “tummy aches”. I remember sitting in the waiting room with my mama & there was a little boy, maybe 3, who’s skin was yellow. I asked my mama “why is he yellow?” & she whispered back “he’s very sick” … I paused for I was thinking “he’s waiting to see the doctor & so am I”. I looked at my mama & asked “am I very sick too?” She hugged me & told me everything was going to be okay. I still think about that little boy & hope he got better. At that appointment I was diagnosed with IBS, just like my dad – who he himself had to be hospitalized twice for blocked gas. My dad’s history with his stomach & mine are crazily similar with our symptoms, which leads me to think this is part genetic. He’s reached the point where he’s been prodded & scoped so many times that he’s done seeing gastro doctors. I don’t blame him. Honestly I almost didn’t try this new med that is now helping me poop because I found the gastroenterologist so damn dry & he wouldn’t listen to a word on the “alternative” medical approaches I had tried (liability 🙄). Anyway (let that shit go 😉🤣) what matters most is that I’m pooping without pain & not feeling sick!! #💩

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