Continuing from my previous post. I spent a month in Colorado to try cannabis for my deteriorating health. The cannabis made all the difference. I remember going to my mom after taking it for the first time, I was crying, “It didn’t work?” she asked. “No” I said “it worked … I’m not in pain”. We cried in each other’s arms. It helped relieve my pain along with ridding the nausea. I was able to eat again & no longer was vomiting. After a month I was able to return to Oklahoma, which admittedly & with no guilt, I illegally brought back cannabis to continue to take for my health. At that point my mom & I became advocates of the legalization of marijuana in the the state of OK. We began sharing my journey with the community, worked to change people’s outlook on the so called “drug” for many had the misconception that only “stoners” wanted the legalization … Opinions were changed when people saw & heard my mom & I. But the fact remained cannabis was not legal at the time in OK & I couldn’t continue to risk making my trips to & from CO. Marijuana drug offenses where treated harshly & I didn’t want to continue to take the risk. A few months later after returning to OK following my first CO visit I decided I felt well enough that I wanted to move to California with one of my best friends. I had gained some weight back, was able to eat more regularly, & my pain was manageable. My medical team agreed I was strong enough to go but needed to provide them with health updates (always so thankful to have a team that cares so much). I wanted – needed to be in a state where cannabis was legal. I could have lived with my family in CO but since one of my best friends was going to CA, my dream of being a working actress still in tact, & medical cannabis was legal, Los Angeles seemed to be the perfect place to go. Sharing more of my journey in posts to come #cannabiscommunity 📸 @rachelcheatwood89

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