Yesterday I had a pretty bad chronic pain flare. It was one of those day where I could barely fold my clothes due to this overwhelming weight of inflammation throughout my body. I could feel the tears starting to build in my eyes as the pain worsened. I just wanted up get some “easy” everyday tasks done. But then I realized I wasn’t listening to my body. It was one of those times where I just needed to rest. I feel fortunate that I could do just that. I don’t feel fortunate with having chronic pain but I feel fortunate for the support I have. If it weren’t for my parents these last six years I would most likely be on disability, which is something always somewhere in the back or front of my mind. I know I don’t look “sick” or look like I’m “suffering”. And most days now my chronic pain is manageable. It’s getting better with time. I’m fortunate I am able to have very intelligent, hard working & empathetic individuals who I love & highly respect on my medical team. I’m fortunate I have a support group of family & friends who believe me & do not question or judge what I’m going through. I’m fortunate my parents have the income where I can receive excellent medical treatment, afford acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy & to have therapeutic items like my MediCrystal amethyst heating mat. Members of my medical team also help with the making treatments more affordable as well. I’m fortunate I live in a place & time where I can use CBD/THC to help treat my pain. I’m also very fortunate to have a community on here who provides me with so much love & support – I no longer feel alone in this journey. I have to remind myself of for the fortunates in my life & to place everything in perspective. It downright sucks that I have chronic pain that can be a living hell. But I have support. I have so much fucking amazing support that it makes my eyes water. I know there are so many who receive little or no support. Or empathy. If you are one of those than I hope you know I’m sending you my love always. Know you are not alone. I’m here with you. Keeping fighting. Together we are stronger 💚PS can’t wait to share the finished drawing of this photo #inspiration #love

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