Now that I’m in Oklahoma it’s time for me to check in with my amazing medical team 🙏💚 I see my lead doctor tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to – get things on a better track. I’m a bit frustrated with these bouts of terrible fatigue. It’s truly terrifying when you are too exhausted to move & by moving I mean laying in bed unable to lift an arm. I personally believe it has something to do with my hormones since my fatigue flares greatly right before & during my menstrual cycles but I’m still wanting everything checked; vitamin deficiencies, liver & kidney functions, hormone balances, the works. I like to cross things out so I can focus on what is known & what can be done to help better manage the problem. Working with autoimmune diseases is like a very complicated jigsaw puzzle that has been mixed with several other jigsaw puzzles – it’s complicated AF. I’ve also received my third test from @everlywellto check on my food sensitivities to see if my body is having a new autoimmune reaction to one (or more) of the foods I have recently been eating on a daily basis. I’ve also been having dark spots on my forehead appear. Thoughts are that it’s melasma due to hormones & inflammation which can be treated. It’s so important to be the boss of your own health journey. I was such a shy little thing at the beginning of my health journey, feeling to blame & not wanting to inconvenience anyone. That was until my doctors told me that they worked for me. It was empowering. I truly wish everyone could have the type of support & empathy my doctors provide to me. I feel so fortunate to have them. One of my doctors told me that he wished every doctor could just feel a minute of their patients pain so they would never lose empathy & remember what they are working for. My doctors have never stopped fighting for me. And frankly I think they love seeing my take charge side for it shows them I’m invested & not giving up. It’s taken me time to reach this place of confidence & my doctors (& parents) really helped me to get here. I’m not laying down to my health ailments … no I’m going to run them over until they know who the true boss of my body is. #sayingfucktochronicpain💪🖕

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