So excited about my new @lawsonhammock !!!

Yesterday I couldn’t wait to try it out so with the help of my family we got it set up in the backyard of my grandfather’s place in the country. It is soooooooo comfortable!! I was using it yesterday as just a place to chill in the sunshine but this hammock can also give the protection of a tent! It has a bug net & zippered vestibule to keep pests away while sleeping. It’s also waterproof & has an attachable rainfly to keep you dry from unpredictable weather. Since I was in my grandfather’s backyard I just wanted to use it like any regular hammock ((though it’s way more comfortable than any other hammock I’ve laid in)) but the design of the Lawson hammock allows for suspended hammock camping with proprietary spreader bar and arch pole system keeps the hammock flat so for an all night sleep, not just backyard fun, so you don’t go into the banana shape. It can also be secured for ground camping. I really couldn’t be more psyched about it! For months I have been talking about how I need to get myself a tent for camping but then along with the tent I would also need to get an outdoor inflatable mattress for better sleeping on the ground, & then a sleeping bag … I was starting to get a bit stressed with the cost of everything. But then I saw this hammock & it had everything I needed for me to start camping comfortably. I got mine with the Underquilt, insulating against wind and chilly temperatures, since you all know how easily cold I get lol. It has EVERYTHING I need, very affordable, & I just can’t get over how comfortable it is. Five minutes after this picture was taken I was fast asleep lol. Now I just need to plan a camping trip for the new year … hmmmm maybe Yosemite? Or Mammoth Lakes? Or head back to Sedona or Joshua Tree or Zion … the possibilities are endless 😆Can’t wait!! 2020 get ready for loads of adventures!! #campinglife #adventureisoutthere #lawsonhammock

Krebs, Oklahoma

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