I’m very thankful that I’m starting to feel better 💚 But something caught me as funny “You look too good to be sick”. Yeah it’s that #butyoudontlooksick. I don’t post pictures of myself on the days that I look like a zombie cast member out of the Walking Dead on my page 🤣 I don’t want that image stuck in my mind – I see it enough in the mirror lol. You don’t have to look sick to have a chronic illness. I know from this picture it’s hard to imagine the same girl running to the toilet every 10 minutes with diarrhea & explosive gas. Can’t imagine this girl sitting bolt upright throughout the night feeling at any instance she is going to vomit. Or out of no where just stop in horror as striking pain like a knife is ripping up through the vagina & down the urethra (our channel for peeing). Or that this girl suffers from terrible fatigue that makes it hard to just sit upright due to the extreme exhaustion. Or the brain fog that makes understanding the simplest things – like forming a sentence – too hard. Or the chronic pain that is always there & even on the good days there is still pain but it’s like background noise or white noise in her body that she has become used to. Or having waves of severe anxiety attack’s due to feeling disabled, trapped, & suffocated in her own body. It’s very hard to see all that. But it’s all there. It’s something I work to manage. I say manage for I don’t know if I can truly heal or cure my diseases— my goal is remission (disappearance of symptoms). I work with a trusted medical team who has studied my full medical history. Who works with me one on one. We all do our research & work together to help me feel better. I’m very strict with who I let on my medical team – it’s my body & I must be sure I’m working with trusting, hardworking & empathic individuals who think out of the box & who never stop trying. Not many medical professionals I can sadly say meet up with that description. But my point is don’t judge a book by its cover… It happens though – I find myself doing it too. But remember you don’t need a wheelchair to be disabled. You don’t have to have cancer to be very sick. So many people have these invisible illnesses 💚

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