Breathing in peace, love, & strength. Breathing out a huge FUCK to chronic pain & autoimmune diseases

Breathing in peace, love, & strength. Breathing out a huge FUCK to chronic pain & autoimmune diseases ⁣#flippingthebirdmeditation

I’ve been having a pretty rough several weeks since my body got hit with a virus which triggered a flare for my chronic pain & autoimmune diseases. I’ve been in rest / fight mode – meaning I’ve been resting while my body has been fighting on the inside for me to feel better. Since this flareup it’s really had me thinking about my health. How it didn’t just start 6 years ago when I was at my sickest but started with childhood. As a baby I had to have tubes in my ears due to having reoccurring inner ear infections. I had reoccurring vaginal yeast infections & thrush mouth for unknown reasons. My baby teeth had no enamel which caused me to be at the dentist constantly to get fillings due to tooth decay (my adult teeth thankfully came in with enamel). I struggled with pooping & having constipation since I was potty trained. At the age of seven I was diagnosed with IBS. Two times I was in the hospital because my poop was backed up so severally (I told my parents I was pooping when I wasn’t). I started on medications at 7. My bladder pain & urgency to go was said to be caused by bladder infections even though my white cell count was normal. I couldn’t eat certain foods – a lot of foods without getting sick. I would sleep with a wet washcloth due to hot flashes & nausea. Remember days I was so tired & I didn’t know why. I missed a hell of a lot of school. I had dizzy spells which later turned into episodes of me passing out along with migraines. My periods were always painful & sickening. If I didn’t eat right when my body told me to my blood sugar would drop low & I would become very ill. Looking back my doctors growing up really didn’t have a clue… I sometimes wonder “what if?”. But 29 circles around the sun later + 9 surgeries / multiple treatments / 20 pounds gained back after losing 40 pounds total / going from so disabled I couldn’t get in & out of bed without assistance to where I am today I know I’m a lot fucking stronger & I will NEVER give up FIGHTING for my health #WARRIOR 💚

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