Body of mine & winter season I know we don’t get along very well but I think it’s time we just take a breath & start loving each other. If a bad cold followed by two different stomach viruses weren’t enough the night before I started having more kidney pain with nausea. Yesterday I slept the majority of the day. I haven’t had a kidney stone in a year & I honestly can’t tell if my body is trying to pass one now or if my kidney is inflamed. All I know is I hope this pain & nausea passes soon. I’ve had two stones in the past I couldn’t get to pass (again don’t know if this is a stone). One I tried passing for a month because I didn’t want to miss my final college class. After getting terribly sick I realized I had to get on a plane to see my urologist who is a top kidney surgeon. He’s surgically removed two stones now. Which makes think back following the first kidney stone removal surgery. It all had gone well until a week later when the stent needed to be removed. They had a nurse in training who didn’t put the local anesthetic into the urethra to numb the area. So when she went up in my urethra to pull out the stent – which she also kept missing to grab – I was in some of the worst pain of my life. My body went into shock; my blood pressure went low, I came close to passing out & was close to being sent to the ER. My doctor said he had never seen a reaction like this (he didn’t know the nurse didn’t numb the area & I at the time I didn’t know) I was wheeled out of the hospital that day. Following my second kidney stone removal surgery I was PETRIFIED of the stent removal. Well a different nurse walked in & immediately used local anesthesia to the area. When she was doing it I looked over at my mom and said “this didn’t happen last time did it?” She shook her head no. At that point we realized the first nurse’s big mistake. The stent removal for the second round went as easy as can be, barely felt anything. So if you ever go in for stent removal make sure they numbed the area – words of wisdom from experience. #onebreathatatime

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