I want to thank everyone for all the kind messages I’ve been receiving lately 🤗💚I’ve been told several times how that my smile looks different, happier, and that I must be feeling better. I have to tell you I am feeling so much better. I feel a lot of sunshine in me right now. I don’t think I’ve felt this great in the last 7 years. I still find myself crying tears of joy when I’m out on my hikes. I’m not feeling sick or in pain … it’s strange yet so wonderful. It’s like I had forgotten what this felt like. Getting all teared up typing this. I used to be so angry about “losing my 20s” now that doesn’t come to mind … now it’s “I’ve got today & the rest of my life”. My 20s were never lost, they just felt that way. I felt like I missed out on experiences that you have in your 20s. But we all have different experiences and at different times in our lives. We all go through things we wish we could change & have no control over. We all have our scars, whether they be visible or not. Right now I’m just going to keep flying high. And speaking of flying high … everyone keeps asking me what I’m going to do for my 30th birthday in March … I think I’ve settled on getting my license in skydiving – it’s either that or scuba diving but I’m leaning towards the sky right now! In the end, if I can manage it, I’ll most likely get one license for my birthday in March & then get the other later in the year 👊 I’m just so happy & excited right now … there’s so much I want to do skiing, more rock climbing, horseback riding, archery, martial arts, swim under a waterfall, learn to play the guitar, skinny dip on an island ((I’ve already done this one but want to do it again…Hawaii I miss you!!)), work with shelter animals, & of course hit all the national parks & get my ass to New Zealand & Australia!! So much to do. So much to experience. I feel like a kid again with endless possibilities. Here I come world 😍🥾🌏💚⁣

Keep fighting my fellow warriors. Kick these autoimmune diseases, chronic pain,

all health ailments in the fucking ass!!! ⁣

#chronicpainwarrior #autoimmunediseaseskissmyass ⁣
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Joshua Tree National Park, CA

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