I’m so very thankful to be feeling better again 💚 This weekend I became so very inspired with being creative & putting more flare into my apartment. Purchased some amazing rugs from @worldmarket for the living room & for my bedroom along with a very cool woven wall hanging – thank you Presidents Day weekend SALE & for my birthday being around the corner & these being gifts from my parents & Poopa (grandpa) I also got all artsy & painted four new works of art along with creating my own wood / word wall decors which. It feels so amazing to CREATE & feel INSPIRED. This last flare really had me in a not so great place mentally. I became very emotionally down & frustrated after struggling with 7 minutes of exercise. Thankfully I went to get my hair done for a mood lifter (my roots needed it sooooo bad lol) while my friend @mselizabethlake was doing my hair was became so inspired by her home & all the work she has done. She created a home I would want to come home to. She put together a salon in her home after where she can continue being a stylist for her customers while at the same time be able to put more time & energy into her passions. We spoke about the importance of fellow Creatives working together, inspiring, & raising each other up to reach our goals instead of being so damn competitive & clawing our ways to the top. And doing things not for “I bet other people will like this” or “This will get people looking” but instead it’s because “I fucking love this & it’s for me”. Sometimes all we need is a friend to give us that boost we need. I’m so glad to be back at creating. And for my fitness & yoga goals… well I’ve adjusted them after this flare. I realized my intentions for them weren’t driving me. But I’ve realized what will drive me… I’ll tell you about it later. 👉 just going to leave you hanging so you’ll come back for more lol 🤣 Happy Monday tribe!! Now off for my photo shoot 📸 😁☀️⁣

PC: @nolan.weisser Wearing @moonchildyogawear & knits @carolyn_munholland

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