I want to talk medications specifically those categorized as antidepressants, anti-anxiety, sedatives, & narcotics. If you have been with me on my health journey you know I have been practicing yoga for over 12 years along with practicing breath work since the age of 5 years old. I eat a extremely clean diet, specifically to help treat my autoimmune diseases & chronic pain. I’m a supporter of herbs & alternative medicine – my acupuncturist is a key member of my medical team & I’m a huge advocate of both CBD & THC. With all that being said I also have no problem with the use of prescription medications even in the categories I listed above. I have seen family members, including both my parents, & friends feel judged by the fact they take antidepressants, anti anxiety medications, sedatives, & narcotics. I understand why the judgement was created – fear of addiction, the non understanding of mental health – how mental health corresponds with physical health, & the non understanding of chronic & autoimmune diseases. It’s the unknown. So I’m going to tell you something about myself which may surprise you. I take the prescription Fluoxetine (Prozac) an antidepressant on a daily basis & Alprazolam (Xanax) a sedative when needed. I take these to help treat my anxiety, my IBS, & especially for my chronic bladder pain from IC. Narcotics I am not the biggest fan of due to the side effects I get but if I’m in a chronic pain cycle that I can’t break or passing a kidney stone you bet I have my bottle of Hydrocodone at the ready. Addiction to these types of prescriptions are a scary factor but I’m very thankful that neither of my parents or I have ever felt addicted to any of these medications. I’ve known friends who they & their family members are not fortunate in that area. That’s why it’s really important to work with a doctor you trust & can speak openly to. I would love for my body to not need any medications but I’ve learned from experience that my body feels better on them. They help me. That’s that. #YouCanLovePlantsAndMeds PC: @nolan.weisser Wearing @onzie

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