Angels Landing Hike — ASS KICKER !!!

Angels Landing Hike — ASS KICKER !!!

5 miles & 1500+ elevation gain, can take anywhere from 3-6 hours to do.

Strenuous hike with segments of the trail that are just a few feet wide with thousand foot drop-offs on both sides; that’s what the chains are used for, to hold on to the side of the cliff to prevent you from falling. Yes, it was intense lol.

My best advise for this hike is be PREPARED …

which I was not 🙈😂

Ok story time lol. I spent the entire day in Zion hiking & climbing; got there when the sun began to rise & after 5 miles of hiking & about 8ish hours of exploring I decided it was time for me to head back to the hotel to get some rest. As I was making my way to leave the park I saw a sign for a scenic route. Had about 2ish hours left until sunset so I thought why not, just driving & enjoying the view. That’s when I came across a long line of parked cars. You know when there is a lot of parked cars you’ve reached someplace epic; a place people travel from all over the world to see. I saw the trail sign “Angels Landing” & thought “that sounds familiar.” Checking the clock, 2ish hours until sunset, I have time for one more hike. No, I did not look up the hike to see what it was going to be like. I knew nothing about it. Here’s where it gets bad, I didn’t take any food or water with me – I’m cringing as I type this. I literally took one gulp of my water & ate a few cashews before hopping out my car to do the trail. I really don’t know what I was thinking lol. I’m usually so prepared!! Ehhhhhhhhhhh lol. So I get going on the hike; the trail starts off sandy & easy, which got me thinking “this will be a nice little hike to end my day”. Then I came to the steep switchbacks that carve their way to the top of the ridge. This got me huffing & puffing but the views were so incredible & I assumed that once I reached the overlook that I had completed the trail … WRONG! The trail keeps going. By this time I was pretty damn tired. I should have turned back, that would have been the smart thing to do but yes I kept on going… Sharing more of my Angels Landing adventure in posts to come, stay tuned lol #angelslanding #hikingadventures 🤟🥾

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