Angels Landing Hike ☞ Continuing from a recent post :)

Angels Landing Hike ☞ Continuing from a recent post 🙂

Now something you may not know about me is that I can be terribly impulsive & stubborn AF. I’m fully aware, my friends & family do a great job pointing it out lol. Once reaching the first overlook at Angels Landing that would have been a good time for me to turn around & say “I’ll do the entire hike on a day I’m prepared & haven’t already spent 8 hours hiking & exploring”. I did turn around to walk back but then it was like the trail was calling my name. Have you seen the memes with Darth Kermit? Yep that was what was going on in my mind. “I should turn back”, Darth Kermit “You’re exhausted? Hike a little further” 😅Now if I would have had a friend with me, they would have been able to turn Darth Kermit off by saying “Tay I’m tired this was good, let’s turn around now”. Without a second thought I would turn around for my friend. But this was a solo trip so Darth Kermit won lol. I continued on. Once reaching this part of the trail I thought I must be near the end. The view was great. I was seeing more people. Here I stopped to chat with a group of college students, one was from Oklahoma – yeahhhh Okie pride !! Pretty sure they thought I was their age lol my never aging abilities win again. But it was great to chat to the young women of the group about doing solo trips as a woman & how empowering it is to go out on your own, safely. We parted ways & continued on this crazy hike. By this time my legs had begun to shake & the sun was beginning to make its way to sunset. But everyone on the trail kept telling me “you’re close” “almost there” … lying mother fuckers 🤣 Ok they were all being supportive but fed into my illusions that I was close to done lol. Felt like the never ending trail. You reach what you think is the end & then to find out you have farther to go. I had a bit farther to go … without water, food, a buddy for support, & the sun starting to go down, what could go wrong??? 😅 More to come on my first experience with the Angels Landing Hike in Zion National Park #hikingadventures #darthkermit

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