Angels Landing Hike ☞ Continued

Angels Landing Hike ☞ Continuing from a recent post 🙂 As I had said previously “those lying mother fuckers” HOW MUCH FURTHER?!?! TELL ME THE TRUTH!!! 🙈🤣 By this part of the trail we are hitting a narrow spine of the mountain and climbing almost 500 more feet in elevation. We have exposed sections where one can look down on both sides to the canyon below. We got the chains, some guard-rails, and carved steps are provided to somewhat help ease the mind lol. At this part I met, what appeared to be, a photographer & influencer duo. When they told me I didn’t have much farther I just gave them the look of “really? Or are you just saying that”. They read my mind from my expression on my face & told me it really wasn’t that much farther. They were then kind enough to take this shot before we parted ways. Side note I love meeting photographers on the trails, they’re like “stand right there, bit to the left, inch back to the right, centimeter back to your left, right there! Don’t move!” ((photographer then moving forward than back, bending up then down)) “Ok got it! Right here. Yes, gorgeous!! The coat, the colors, your hair, that smile, YES!!” Then without the usual “I hope this ok” when handing the phone back, the photographer person just hands the phone back with a “fuck yeah” smile & nod. It’s golden and priceless every single time. To the photographers out there who stop to take people pictures for them, THANK YOU. And to the non photographers who are still kind enough to stop and take a picture for a stranger, thank you too. So here I’m EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED. As you can see my hair is not at its usual level of fluff which is an indicator of my mood 🤣 but seriously though lol. They were also the last two hikers on the trail on their way back down and there was no one close behind me, so I was getting a bit anxious being alone on this hike. BUT I WAS CLOSE. The logical side of my mind was saying “you did good let’s call it a day” but my impulsive / competitive side was saying “you got this  far, get your ass up there!!”. So yeah, I continued on lol. Legs shaking like crazy. Thirsty & hungry AF. But oh the competitive drive with myself is just so damn strong 🥾🤟💯

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