Adventuring is my favorite 😆🏜💚

Adventuring is my favorite 😆🏜💚

When it comes to my travels I’m a mix batch when it comes to planning them out. Before a trip I do a lot prepping; checking the weather, making sure I have the proper attire, mapping out the routes, having precautionary items in my car like food, water, blankets, first aid kit, pocket knife with many different functions, my atlas, & then of course my personal safety items I keep on hand such a pepper spray & a nice size knife. At the same time with all my planning I never really set how many days I’m going to be exploring. I rather just play it by ear. I know where I’m going but I never know how long I will end up staying in one location since some places I’m good for a few minutes & others I may end up spending the entire day exploring. I know not everyone has the luxury to do this & has to stay on a schedule. But I highly recommend if you’re given the opportunity to have a trip where you’re not on a time crunch to just pick locations, prep according, & then just go with it without stressing about time. It makes a huge difference in the trip. When we’re so focused on the time & getting to the next place we aren’t really experiencing the place we are at right now. We aren’t truly able to enjoy it or revel in it. It’s the same with taking pictures of the place. We have to set down our phones & cameras as well so we can look with just our eyes. Now I’m all about capturing the places I visit, clearly lol. But I used to spend so much time focusing on getting the “perfect shot”. Now it’s more click click, quick check, looks alright, phone & camera away, now really take in that site. Now if you’re a photographer & taking photos is your passion, fuck what I said lol. I’m more talking to everyone who are how I was when traveling; caring more about how the photos look or trying desperately to capture every single moment instead of truly experiencing it. Took me years to figure this out; well I understood it before I got on social media, forgot, then had to retrain my way of thinking. Lol this post went into a whole other direction then what I had planned, which is rather fitting 🤣 Happy exploring 💚🌵 #liveinthemoment #bepresent

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