It’s always amazing to get out of the city & go on an adventure 🌵

Thankful for the amazing friends in my life like @erindecoursey who deals with my shenanigans like both talking kindly & yelling at my @gopro “GoPro take photo!!” ((I really have a Gollum/Sméagol like personality with my GoPro …. ok naming my GoPro “Frodo” now lol)) whooping back at people in passing cars, changing what I’m wearing not in a bathroom but just out in the open, taking lots of photos, being a bee magnet, getting super excited when putting a stamp in my national parks passport, & driving with the hood of my car unlocked since I thought the shaking of the hood was just an “SUV thing” 😂 🙈 Surround yourself with people who lift you up & loves you for exactly who you are 💚Love ya Erin!!! #friendsforkeeps 

Photo taken in Joshua Tree National Park, CA


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