Playtime with the yogis & gymnasts on AcroYoga Jam Sunday at “The Green” in Santa Monica 🌞💚 Thank you @linayogifreeman for taking me to the fun last weekend !! If you’re in LA I recommend you check it out !! ⁣⁣
I won’t be there this Sunday since I’m still feeling a bit under the weather 🤧 but my ears are starting to drain ((thank goodness!!)) I’m still pretty dizzy from my ears aching & I could be mistaken for a eucalyptus pajama monster right now but hopeful tomorrow will be a much better day 🤞it’s rather incredible how off balanced & sick you can get when there is something going on with your ears. My dad has always had problems with his ears too. He has to put cotton balls in every time he takes a bath or shower or he ends up getting swimmer’s ear. I’m not that bad but it got me thinking that since this runs in the family I should see an ear specialist just to be on the safe side. Hoping the ear specialist my dad goes to is covered on my insurance ((not often my dad recommends a doctor – so this one must be good)). 💚👂🏻👀⁣⁣
#strongnflexiblehamstrings – to the beauties who are participating in this challenge you haven’t gotten your pose order wrong! I’m not doing bow or shiva since my body is not ready try those poses or variation of poses this soon after my hydrodistention surgery. Always listen to your body 💚⁣⁣
PC: @linayogifreeman ↠ my edits⁣

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