About Me

Hey there! I’m Taylor Munholland ~ My Dad calls me “Bob”. I’m a Yogi, Wellness Junkie, and Artist in love with clean eating, healthy living, traveling, the arts and of course YOGA! Five years ago I was diagnosed with the chronic autoimmune disease Interstitial Cystitis but NOTHING IS KEEPING ME DOWN and I now have become a speaker for Invisible Illnesses.

Six years ago I was preparing for a future in acting, modeling, and art. I majored in Performance Theatre and Fine Arts at a local university while partaking in print work. I soon traveled to New York for professional acting training at a top conservatory. In New York City I became very sick. I was diagnosed with endometriosis, large ovarian cysts, and twisted ovarian tubes. I also suffered with kidney stones and a bout of appendicitis. Then, just when I didn’t think it could get any worse, in 2012 I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, a chronic autoimmune disease also known as painful bladder syndrome. In the past five years I’ve undergone seven surgeries, numerous procedures & treatments. I found myself on a terrifying roller coaster. At the start of my health journey I gained fifteen pounds in one month because of hormonal imbalances. Then the severity of the pain from my Interstitial Cystitis caused me to lose forty pounds, lowering my weight to a scary 90 pounds. I was weak and felt so helpless! Yet I kept fighting, never giving up on the hope that I would have control over my life again. In 2014 I moved to Los Angeles, hoping to continue my acting and modeling pursuits. But after still struggling with my health and learning I had Leaky Gut, Severe Food Sensitivities, and a Candida Overgrowth I made the huge decision in 2016 to focus solely on my health.

By bringing my full attention and awareness to my body, I no longer pushed the healing process but allowed it to be as it is. I took each day as it came. There have been days I have felt absolutely incredible, walking ten miles, practicing a strong yoga flow, and feeling a strength within myself. And then there have been days where I awake in terrible pain with inflammation weighing down my body. The healing process can be very tricky, long, and difficult. But during this journey of mine I have learned the importance of eating clean, learning about nutrition, self care, and LOVING my body every step of the way. I have found a great awareness of myself through my practice of yoga which has been with me for over ten years. Yoga has taught me to listen and be aware of both my mind and body. To love myself and to love the world around me. In deepening my practice and my wanting to share yoga with the rest of the world I have received 500 hours of registered yoga alliance teacher training. Each day I work to be a better Yogi not only on my mat but off it.

Everyday, no matter how I am feeling, I embrace the life I have. I continue to live my life to the fullest. I continue to travel, go on adventures, work on my yoga and fitness pursuits, along with exploring ways to be creative and self expressive. My goal for myself and what I hope to pass on to others is to be courageous, take chances and live HEALTHY & HAPPY!