A year to celebrate

A year to celebrate 🌄

2019 turned out to be an incredible year for me.

My health FINALLY took a turn for the better after six extremely difficult years. ⁣

Six years fighting. Ten surgeries, multiple treatments & therapies. Interstitial Cystitis, chronic pelvic pain, physical therapy, laser treatments for my vagina, bladder installations, kidney stones, ovarian cyst, endometriosis, POTS Syndrome, bladder & colon scopes, IVS & colitis, appendicitis, severe food sensitivities, candida, leaky gut, hypoglycemia, shingles, hydrodistentions, anemia, vitamin & hormone deficiencies, fatigue, not being able to poop without laxatives or enemas, colonics, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, herbs, chemically induced menopause to stop periods for five years, not being able to work, melasma, laser treatments for the melasma, losing forty pounds, going from one treatment & therapy to the next, multiple medications, even being prescribed medications given to cancer patients to treat nausea & pain until being introduced to medical marijuana. I tried & did so many different things these past six years for my health. All the time thinking “I will not be disabled by these diseases and conditions. I will not be defined by them”. ⁣

2019 was the year I truly felt like a phoenix being reborn from the flames & rising from the ashes. I feel so fucking strong, confident, & empowered. I am also more happy than I have been in a very long time. ⁣

This year I was able to start living, truly LIVE! No longer feeling sick, fatigued, or in pain. Being able to eat & to enjoy eating. I’ve maintained the twenty pounds I have gained back over the years. I have traveled & hiked with friends, family, & incredibly on my own with my first big solo trip. This past year I have worked, collaborated, & created content for 100+ companies & brands. And have gotten back to my art. I couldn’t be more proud & thankful for how far I’ve come. ⁣

And the most amazing thing, after 29 years, I am truly in love with myself. ⁣

2020 I’m ready. Let’s kick some fucking ass !!!! ⁣

Love you tribe 💚 #happynewyear

Sedona National Park, AZ

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