#LoveYourselfMarch A pose we dislike but we use it to understand ourselves better ⁣⁣but that I’ve also grown to like as well 💚 Paschimottanasana – Seated Forward Bend. I will admit I’m not the biggest fan of the poses where my legs have to be strait in front of me. I prefer my hips & pelvis being nice & open as they are in my center splits or butterfly. I can touch my nose to knees pretty easily but I’m not being aware of my body when I practice that way. When my nose is to my knees I feel a lot pressure & discomfort on my pelvic floor. I can’t hold it very long due to that discomfort. That’s why now when I go into the pose it’s less about folding down all the way & pressing my nose into my knees & note about feeling the pose with the awareness on my body & why there is discomfort. I realized there was discomfort because I was placing too much pressure on my pelvic floor & was closing that region of my body. The goal now for me is to open my lower back & hamstrings while also keeping my pelvic floor open without the feeling of putting so much upper body weight on my pelvis. To do this I root both buttocks into the floor & and when leaning forward with a straight back I lift my belly in & upwards while giving my pelvic the space it needs by engaging my upper thighs & letting them slightly open outwards (it’s a very small adjustment – one most likely invisible to the eye but I can feel and makes a huge difference for my pelvis.) I’ll hold the pose this way for the majority of the hold, both during my home practice or in class. It took me a lot of time to figure out this way of being in the pose for my body is better than me just bringing my nose to my knees. And I’ll admit it also took me to push the ego out of the way where I wanted to show I could go “all the way” into the pose & show my flexibility but yoga isn’t a competition or a place to show off. It’s a place to listen & learn about our individual bodies. Yoga a place for us to grow 🙏💚 And breath 🤣😆 #interstitialcystitis #pelvicpainawareness

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