#LoveYourselfMarch A pose you dedicate to yourself 💚 Agnistambhasana – Fire Log pose. Flames rising!! Last night I got a bit sick again but I’m doing better this morning. I think my body is working to get out of this hormonal / gut flare. Still waiting for my period to start to help relieve the hormonal symptoms. Checking in with my gynecologist this week to go over my symptoms so we can make a new plan of action. As for my gut well I went back into a chronic constipation flare for the last two weeks & has to get back on enemas. This started when I ran out of my regular probiotics & my acupuncturist & I decided to try another brand that as been working wonders for other clients. Well that brand did nothing for me & that’s when I got terribly constipated. We had to wait for the other probiotic to be shipped. I started back on it four days ago & I can tell my body is trying to go to the bathroom again – poop on its own without the enemas – but is just taking time to get going. Last night that’s why I got so very sick is that I needed to pass poop/gas & my body was struggling to do it but I don’t want my body to rely on enemas … so reteaching or rather pointing my finger at my body to poop on it’s own. I always wonder why such a natural & should be simple act is so very hard for my body. It’s always been that way since I was potty trained. Crying on the toilet begging my momma not to make me go. Ended up in the hospital when I was little for being so severally constipated (I had lied to my parents saying that I was going). My dad suffers from this as well, he was hospitalized twice for blocked gas. Looking at his symptoms & mine they are very similar. Things like the @squattypotty, probiotics, prune juice, & diet has helped. But I still get flareups – often during the time of my period or if I go off my diet or it looks like if I change my probiotic. It’s a lot of patience & still feeling love for my body. Often when I’m becoming frustrated / angry with my body during flares I like to imagine it as a child that is crying & I’m the good parent that works to figure out why the child is crying & how I can make it better. I am ready for my body to be happy again 💚

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