8 mile hike today 😄 🥾🌿 ⁣

Continuing from my last post. As you may recall I ended with my blood pressure dropping dangerously low, the nurses fretting & getting ready to transfer me to the ER … My response “Mama put on my meditation music”, she was used to the drill & got out my iPad turning on my tunes. The nurses got really quiet & whispered to my mom “What is she doing”, my mom simply replied “She’s meditating” I don’t think the nurses ever saw this happen before 😂 I laid with my eyes closed, palms open, focusing on my breath while the nurses continued to quietly check my blood pressure. After a few minutes they told me I was free to go. After a month of recovering from from the stuck kidney stone & the surgery to remove the stone I was able to go back to CA & get back to finishing my last college class. Unfortunately due to being sick for two months my grade significantly dropped. Went from having a solid A to finishing with a D. I was pretty upset by the grade but then my parents told me “You got your degree. You did it despite being sick. Be proud of yourself.” And after that I was. I was a college graduate & flipping the birds to my chronic pain. But my health was still very much struggling. I ended up having another stuck kidney stone & needing to receive yet another surgery to remove it. I was also experiencing bouts of terrible chronic pain & fatigue which I was struggling to manage. That’s when my acupuncturist asked if we could do tests on my stool along with food sensitivity testing & changing my diet. I agreed. My stool showed high amounts of candida & yeast. My food sensitivity test was through the charts – my body was reacting to EVERYTHING I ate – which had my medical team believe I have Leaky Gut Syndrome. My lead doctor did further testing which showed candida in my blood, my kidneys & liver were working harder than they should, & after doing a test which monitors my breathing I learned I had POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). At that point I decided to stop pursuing my acting dream & focusing 100% on my health. It was go time. All my energy was going to be placed in getting myself better. More of my journey to come #love

Photo Shot at Yosemite National Park, CA

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